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SEO Keywords is a free tool that generates a large list of related keywords along with monthly search volume. Used by SEOs, Content Creators and Adwords consultants.

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What are SEO Keywords?

SEO keywords are phrases in your web copy that help search engines match your webpage to a searcher's intent. These are phrases that the searchers use to find relevant content to answer a query that they have. A website that uses these same phrases is considered optimized for search engines (SEO) by ensuring that the search engines can connect the searcher with the content on its webpages.

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The first step in any SEO strategy

Researching SEO Keywords will always be the first step in any SEO strategy because all the traffic that the website expects to have will depend on how well chosen these keywords and phrases are.

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Does Google still use keywords?

While Google has made significant strides in how it understands natural language using it's NLP technology and figures out searcher intent using Hummingbird algorithm (and RankBrain), the world wide web still relies on text content that is made up of keyword phrases. Keywords are still important for SEO!

People still use short keyword phrases while trying to find anything on Google.

Think about the last search you performed, asking Google for some information.

Did you write the entire sentence down, or did you enter just a small bunch of keywords and expect Google to figure out what you meant?

See what we mean - keywords are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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How do I find SEO keywords?

The source for SEO keywords that searchers type into Google are the people themselves. Fortunately, Google keeps track of what people are searching for and maintains an extensive database of such keyword phrases.

It uses this database to give you suggestions when you start typing a search at Google. Notice the drop-down with the suggestions right there in Google? That's called Google autocomplete, and that is the best source of SEO keywords. It's the source we use in our tool to find you thousands of useful keyword terms.

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How do I choose which SEO keyword to target?

Here is where the monthly search volume comes in. Google autocomplete only gives you a list of keywords that people have used for their searches. It does not tell you how many people searched for it. We provide you with the monthly search volume for every keyword so that you can choose only those keywords that can bring a decent amount of traffic to your website.

You can also choose the country that your audience lives in, to ensure that you only count those people while considering volume. There are significant differences in how people perform searches in different countries, so it is always important to know the real search volume of a keyword for a specific country.